I was so glad that I decided not to sleep in onSunday ..



Caroline Gordon

I was so glad that I decided not to sleep in on Sunday ..I would have missed a wonderful day hiking in Kyoto Higashiyama!

The May hike of the Kansai Ramblers was a great experience, particularly for me, a newcomer both to the Ramblers and Japan. We started from Fushimi Inari Shrine, a lovely and serene place, famous for its many torii gates. From there, we hiked through bamboo groves and forests of beautiful trees. It was amazing to me that we could be walking in quiet forests (except for occasional croaking frogs) and yet so close to Kyoto and Osaka.

The lunch spot was well chosen .. overlooking Kyoto. From there we made our way to Otowasan, to Kyomizu Temple, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Not forgetting also the Kyoto Jishu Shrine, dedicated to love and matchmaking. Thanks to the Ramblers for being so welcoming, I'll definitely be a starter for your next hike.